Rise sessions library

Libraries of recorded meditations with Narayan Jyoti Ron Paz.
Each 30-minute session includes singing, prayer and a healing circle.
21 sessions 30 minutes each
7 sessions 30 minutes each
8 sessions 30 minutes each
8 sessions 30 minutes each
7 sessions 30 minutes each
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7 Chakras balancing process
Learn how to balance your energy field with these 8 meditations. 1 for each chakra and an extra meditation, for the energy body as a whole. Our energy field has a great effect on our entire well-being. following the guidance of these meditation will enable you to really get into your energy field and understand the way it works for you.
6 meditations to help you with your manifesting skills. Manifesting has many different factors we should consider. In these meditations you will find some very helpful hints to bring your manifestations to your reality.
8 meditations focused on the practice of surrendering our hearts and minds to the bliss of love. What is Surrender? how to surrender and why is it so important to do so, when asking for a shift in your reality? In these meditations you will find some answers and guidance on the road to freedom from the things that hold you back in life.
Learn and practice forgiveness to yourself and to the world around you. it is through forgiveness we create an energy of protection that surrounds us. Forgiveness can be a force of strength in your life if you let it. learning how to let go of self blame and blaming of others will release you from being a victim in your own life. Forgiveness is the highest protection .
The Healing power of Prayer
teachings of Jesus
6 morning session with a focus on Jesus, his life, mission and Connection to the healing arts. - Christmas Special
21 days
´╗┐Abundance Challenge!
In 21 days (3 weeks) we can create a new habit.
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