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"An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory." Sivananada

About Narayan
Yoga practitioner, Musician, Healer and Teacher of Yoga and ThetaHealing meditation techniques. Collaborating with a wide variety of organizations and individuals through music, healing, and practices from ancient spiritual traditions.

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It begins with my name..
My birth name is Ron ; My spiritual name is Narayan Jyoti,
My dad calls me Ron, My mom, Narayan.. I answer to both names...

I am a Yoga practitioner, Musician, Healer and Teacher of Yoga and ThetaHealing meditation techniques. I collaborate with a wide variety of organizations and individuals through music, healing, and practices from ancient spiritual traditions.

I am a certified ThetaHealing Certificate of Science since the creation of the certificates in 2009. The co-creator of ThetaHealing The Body Sings: A course in the art of the Heart Song and creator of Rise online mindfulness programs.

The basis of my upbringing is on the foundations of a traditional yoga path. My Guru (Heart teacher) Swami Vishnu Devananda gave me the name: Narayan Jyoti, 'light of the world's keeper'. In Yogic tradition, the meaning of the name is the spiritual aspiration and the direction to which one is going. As a child, I had an exposure to great teachers from different spiritual paths. Many of them are masters in their field. The Yoga of devotion and the Yoga of Service are my leading practices. Since early age until today I lead chanting of Mantras to spiritual communities around the world.

At the age of 14 and for the next two years, I set up my residence with my mother in www.Sivanandabahamas.org. At the age of 19, I received a formal certificate as a Yoga teacher. After a short service in the Israeli Army, I completed a higher education degree in an acting studio. I went back into the field of spiritual awakening while studying with my teacher of ThetaHealing Vianna Stibal (www.thetahealing.com) and with my Yoga Acharya (Spiritual preceptor) Swami Swaroopananda, Director of www.sivanandabahamas.org philosophy scriptures.

I studied closely with Vianna Stibal, founder of Theta Healing. I teach In Israel and travel teaching around the world. I hosted international events with Vianna Stibal being the key presenter numerous times in Israel and the Bahamas and assisted and translated in Instructors trainings for over a decade.

In recent years, I have been focusing on teaching "The Body Sings" ThetaHealingⓇ elective class course, a joint work for me and my brother Noam Paz under the support of Vianna Stibal, which focuses on the Heart Song(™) technique from the Theta Healing books. It is an opportunity in which Noam and I share with groups and individuals that we meet the gift of sound within the world of emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Another focus to this day is teaching the advanced practitioner classes in ThetaHealing. My life Partner Gilad and I also collaborate in each other work, him being a practitioner and teacher of breathing techniques as well as being a healer and an artist.

A place of gratitude
Blessed to have the blessings and the support of these individuals who made a great impact on my life and work
Swami Sivananda
(1887 – 1963)

His teachings are a torch through which i do my best to lead a spiritual life. "serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realize. be good. do good. be kine. be compassionate. Inquire, who am I? know thyself and be free."
Swami Vishnudevananda
(1927 – 1993)

My Guru, who initiated me into the path of yoga at age 6 and offered me the name Narayan Jyoti. His 5 points of Yoga are a guide to leading a healthy lifestyle. Proper breathing, proper exercise, proper relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation.
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

An angle incarnate, this great teacher was a constant in my childhood, opening my heart through music and stories.
G S Sachdev

A master of the Bansuri flute, this special person was the inspiration behind my pursuit of my own voice. With his great wisdom and kind words I found my inspiration to music.
Sant Keshavadas

A great Bhakti Yoga master (the yoga of devotion) who opened a door for me to the past memories of Indian music inside me and who encouraged me to reclaim my musical gift so i can serve through it.
Swami Swaroopananda
Yoga life & Vedanta

My mentor to Yoga life and the philosophy of non dualistic vedanta. Since my early childhood to this day Swamiji is a source of much comfort and wisdom for me.
Vianna Stibal

My personal experience with this great Healer and teacher has been my greatest learning of ThetaHealing. I'v been guided by her in my professional life as well as my personal for more than 15 years and am endlessly thankful for her presence in it.
Swami Hridyananda
My mother is my first yoga teacher and a close confidant. She has taken the life of renunciate nun in the Saraswati monastic order under the auspices of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers International. She lives in the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas.

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