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"This is a place where i bring all of my creations in one place. Imagine as if you just walked into my centre. Bellow is the board of announcements. What are you looking for? How can i serve you?". Narayan

Free access! as an offering for my birthday (10th Jan) I invite you to practice this 3 x 1/2 hour meditations. I hope you enjoy this time to process some of your own stuff as you follow my voice and words. For me it's a daily practice, 6 days a week

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Rise Morning Sessions

Join daily online meditation. Create a habit of daily meditation, vitalizing and recharging your body & mind.

Join live or practice on your own with the recordings and create a habit of daily meditation for yourself.

Rise Morning Session run: Sunday - Friday 8am CET
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ThetaHealing. Heart Song.
Sound &Mantra Healing.

Single sessions & mentor program

Music is the language of the angles
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