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Here is where you can register for a session, a class or join Rise daily sessions. You will also find video libraries in selected themes. Last but not least, at the bottom of the page you will find links to stream my music online. Hope you enjoy your stay and find something to your liking.

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ThetaHealing Online Trainings
Interested in learning about ThetaHealing or already a student and want to join the next classes? Here is the list of current offerings. you can book your class today. At the moment most classes are offered online. If you wish for a private in person class contact Narayan directly here
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Rise daily live sessions
Rise daily sessions is a daily practice group which meets online and led by Narayan. A half an hour of joined practice is a wonderful way to establish ourselves in a self care routine which is infused with the power of a circle of members from all around the world witnessing a blissful vibration together. Register for a a week, 2 weeks or a month of daily LIVE sessions (6 days a week) (many of the members have been sitting together since March 2020.)
Book yourself a session
A private session (online or in person) is approximately 1h long.
You are also invited for a short follow up a few days after the session.

1 On 1 pricing:
Single session: 180€
Short reading (up to 35 minutes): 100

Heart Song pricing:
Single session 222

4 sessions per month 701€

Music by Narayan
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Narayan (Ron Paz)
Adney Paz 44, Ein Hayam,
Hadera- West, Israel

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