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The Heart Song technique is one of the more advanced and powerful exercises that ThetaHealing® offers. The use of it allows expression of deep sorrow and grief, that may accumulate in the person and delay their process of healing, manifestation and spiritual growth when they do not feel they have space nor the legitimacy to express them freely. The Heart Song allows the healing process to reach beyond the limitations of the analytic mind, with the grace of the Creator's unconditional love.

The sounds produced in the Heart Song allows a flow of contained energy to be released gently from the body, opening up space for a new flow of energy of unconditional love and healing, while having the good influence of the waves of sound on all the cells of the body and the different organs.

As practitioners, the witnessing and the support that we provide in the Heart Song session help the person receiving to be present with so-called "negative" emotions, mindfully releasing them in a safe and contained environment, without "skipping" essential steps in the healing process.

In this course, we will explore the world of our inner tones and vibrations through different physical behaviours such as breathing and moving the body with awareness. We will be practising the Heart Song technique on other parts of our body and allow a release of grief and sorrow from the cells of our body. We will follow with belief work.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Develop a holistic approach towards the healing process and allowing the use of our body and voice for attaining wellbeing on all levels
  • Release a significant amount of held energy from the body to achieve faster healing and high profound intuitive abilities
  • Attentive preparation of the body can help in the process of the heart song
  • Facilitate and support a safe space for emotional well being
  • Create a sacred space dedicated to healing and prayer
  • The power of prayer and chanting as a way to communicate with the Creator of All That Is

This seminar was designed by Narayan Jyoti & Noam (Ananda) Paz using the ThetaHealing Techniques and became an approved Elective in 2016.

Duration: 2 days

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

In the statements on this website and the class, there is no intention to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is given strictly for educational purposes. In no way should the information on this website be considered a substitute for competent medical care by your physician or other healthcare professional.

Creators of ThetaHealing® The Body Sings
  • Noam Paz
    Co-creator and teacher

    Multi disciplinary artist, Sivananda Yoga Teacher and ThetaHealing Master.
    Noam leads individuals as well as groups in transformative journeys through the healing arts and tours globally.
  • Narayan Jyoti (Ron Paz)
    Co-creator and teacher

    Yoga Teacher, Healer & Musician
    A practicing yogi since early childhood and a vocal and performing artist. ThetaHealing Certificate of Science Since 2009, teaching and performing around the world.
  • With the blessing of Vianna Stibal
    Founder of ThetaHealing

    Our support and inspiration in creating this course and our teacher of ThetaHealing. It was Vianna who created the heart song technique with which she then helped thousands through its use to be relieved of deeply held sorrow and grief, and achive real joy in their lives.
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