RISE beyond fear and doubt
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Time of exploration into our own best tools for freedom and happiness
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In this new age of technology and the need to stay home due to the covid 19 pandemic, this program was created to offer the participants some universal guidelines for a healthier, more vital and definitely happier existence.

Do you feel like sometimes you just don't know how to stop for a minute and relax? or do you feel that you just have no power to move forward? Do you have a spiritual practice that you are having difficulty to follow?

Are you worried about what is happening in the world?

Rise beyond fear and doubt is a laboratory of introspection and mindfulness. Using yoga principles for a balanced life, energy healing & Meditation to infuse your day and sacred music to heal the heart and soul.

Schedule for:
RISE beyond Fear & Doubt
Weekend Retreat, November 7-8

Saturday, November 7
5 points to Health & Vitality in turbulent times

15:00 CET - Opening Circle
Setting up our personal intentions

17:00 CET Exercise and Breath
A talk on the power of our body to heal itself. Including practice of energy balancing techniques with the use of breath.

20:00 CET Satsang
Inspiration, guided meditation,
energy healing and sacred music.

Sunday November 8
Relaxation & Diet, Positive Thinking and Meditation
08:00 CET - Rise Morning Meditation.
* free access to participants of the retreat.
Live in English

15:00 CET - Relaxation
Techniques for stress reduction
And management

17:00 CET
Diet for the body Food for the mind
A talk on the effect of food on our body and inspiration on our mind. Including practice of positive thinking techniques.

20:00 CET Concluding Satsang
Meditation, inspiration. Gathering the energy, closing the circle.
"An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory."
As a participant in this retreat you are invited to Join "Rise - Morning sessions" for 30 minutes on Sunday morning. Together we create a good habit of practice. Few minutes of meditation, healing circle and prayer, a song, some breath work and blessings for the day.

"An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory ."
- Swami Sivananda -

What do students say about Rise
This is a wonderful helpful loving program Ron Narayan Jyoti Paz holds sacred space for all who attend & I have received such calm & peace from his voice, music & wisdom
Karen Truhon
Narayan is a charismatic teacher. His ability to chant ancient mantras, play the guitar and sing simultaneously with the meditations raised my energy to high levels and filled my heart with joy and inner peace. Thank you teacher for giving me this gift at such a challenging era.
Irini Psarommatis
I have really enjoyed being a part of the Rise Beyond Fear And Doubt program and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to connect with themselves, broaden their perspective on different subjects, and expand their light. You will have powerful tools that are easy to apply to your everyday life and learning from Narayan, as well as experiencing his music, is simply amazing. He holds a beautiful and trusting space for this process to happen and I felt loved, cared for and guided all the way.
Catherine Morante
Narayan, During these days I have learnt a lot of wonderful things. Thank you. I love your voice and his magic power
I would like to say that during these 5 days I have learnt how to treat myself and that I can do it in gentle loving and kind way. I can do it with patience and give me some or a lot of time to practice it. It is/was something I felt but never practiced with myself on this level.. I was being gentle to others as a healer/person but very hard towards myself and with no patience. So I hope I found that forgotten creative part within me that one connected to God/love That space in my heart where I feel safe, where I can play, laugh, smile, where I am loved and cherished. I am very grateful to you, all of us in a group, to Creator. Thank you Creator.

Andrea Anthony
Doors of my heart/2009
Doors of My Heart/ 2009
by Narayan

"Kirtan melts the heart, fills the mind with purity and generates harmony and divine love.." S. Sivananda.

*Invocation- Dhayana Sloakas (verses for meditation): Invoke the powers of the universe to support our journey. These are ancient Vedic mantras, sung in traditional form.

*Doors of My Heart: Lyrics: Paramahansa Yogananda, Music: Narayan Jyoti*Sivaya: The mantra and names of Siva. Music by: Narayan Jyoti

*Hari Ram- Smile with the flowers: The Maha Mantra, (English words by Swami Sivananda). Music by: Narayan Jyoti

*Tov Va'hesed (Goodness & Grace). Lyrics: King David, Psalms. Music: Rama-Noam Paz

*Imma Adamma (Mother Earth): Lyrics & Music: Zohar Karniel. Mantra edition by Narayan Jyoti

*Journey- Improvising with Mantras: This Improvisation is done on the base of the Guru Mantras. This is a live recording of an improvisation session done on the base of this ancient scripture.

All songs recorded in this album are designed for healing. The inspiration to the songs comes from the Sivananda Chant Book. I grew up chanting these sacred chants. Most text in this album comes from this book. In this album I give my own interpretation to the traditional form of Kirtan that I still practice today.

May the world live in Peace and Happiness.

Doors of My Heart
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