Dear friends,

We are so happy to share that our first practice on the 28th of April was a great success, with many writing to share the impact the practice did on them, how it inspired tears of sorrow and of joy and allowed people to rejuvenate and relax.

We are excited to share that we will meet again on the 19th of May, Sunday, 19:00 CET.
Our topic: Reaching clarity of vision

In this event we will explore the residue of sorrow which limits the ability to see clearly. With the help of the Heart Song we will free space for more clarity in our own practice

We will begin with a song and a welcome prayer, after which we will have a short introduction to the topic of today's topic, followed by a short self practice for believes and issues around the subject discussed. Next will be the practice of the Heart Song, accompanied and followed by, soothing music by Narayan. We will end with a Healing Circle and leave short time to answer questions.

Main: English
Translation: German, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Italian and Russian

With Love and Gratitude
Narayan & The Heart Song Practice group team.

Please note: for participants who cannot use Paypal payment link please register via the co-teacher of your language group.

For participants from Russia please register through Daniel Zemlyanov directly at : This link
Students participating from Turkey please communicate with Gaye Alkan and pay through this link:
Participants from Israel can regitser through BIT to 054-7086761with the amount 94 Shekel

take some time for yourself and practice with this video:
Who am I?
Hi, my name is Ron Paz (Narayan Jyoti) Ron or Narayan for short. In my professional life I am searching for a balance in the body mind spirit connection. I believe that it is in that balance that the best answers are found. I do that through one on one healing sessions, through workshops, courses and with my music.

I was brought up in Israel and in the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, a worldwide yoga organization, which opened me early on to my spiritual path of finding unity in the endless diversity of our lives. I am a certificate of Science in Thetahealing since 2009 and the event organizer for Thetahealing events in Israel.

picture by @pajuramaphotography